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Amber Milano | Pelvic floor weakness

Amber Milano was overjoyed with the birth of her third child but concerned about the persistent pelvic floor weakness she continued to experience. Her midwife recommended a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation - Outpatient Therapy Landry clinic in Dallas. 

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A.T. Montgomery | Stroke

One day he was fine and then next day he couldn't stand, walk or move his hand. At the age of 42, A.T. was sitting on the couch waiting for his wife to get off work when he began to realize he couldn't feel his right side.

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Audrey Self | Traumatic brain injury

College student Audrey Self barely survived the car accident that battered her body and brain. When she woke up from a month-long coma, she was unable to move on her own.

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Dale LeBeck | Stroke

Every stroke patient is different and Dale LeBeck’s biggest challenge was his ability to swallow. After his stroke, Dale had severe difficulties swallowing which led to the placement of a feeding tube.

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Deborah Waldrop | Stroke

Deborah Waldrop’s stroke came out of the blue. "I was in good shape, playing tennis or walking five miles a day." She was admitted to a Baylor Scott & White Medical Center with a brain bleed that resulted in her left side being paralyzed.

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Decina Garrick Bradford | Stroke

Decina is one determined woman. She suffered a blood clot and a stroke that left her unable to do a lot of the things she was used to doing, but she never looked back.

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Emily Pool | Orthopedic rehabilitation

Moments after Emily Pool's car accident, she glanced at her contorted hand and wondered if she'd ever play flute again. Her wrist was fractured in six places. At a friend's recommendation, Emily saw an orthopedic trauma surgeon at a Baylor Scott and White hospital.

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Erica Shannon | Orthopedic rehabilitation

A car accident left Erica with a broken hip knee and ankle - but it didn't break her spirit to get better. She started out in a wheelchair, graduated to crutches and eventually crossed the finish line of a local race on the one year anniversary of her accident.

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Justin Riggs | Orthopedic rehabilitation

As an active fitness enthusiast, Justin wanted to waste no time getting back to doing what he loves. After bicep tenodesis surgery, he knew he needed physical therapy to get back the strength in his arm. He went through physical therapy at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation - Outpatient Therapy Lake Highlands clinic and now he's back in the gym and back to full strength.

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Mark Morgan | Traumatic brain injury

Mark Morgan is an avid motorcycle rider. He’d been on countless rides over the years without a single issue. However, on one fall day, Mark lost control of his bike, skidded off the road and hit a tree. He also wasn’t wearing a helmet.

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Pat Cooper | Severe expressive aphasia

Following surgery for a brain tumor, Pat Cooper came to the Day Neuro Program at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation - Fort Worth. As a retired math teacher who enjoys playing with her grandkids, traveling, working out and journaling, she needed to regain her physical and cognitive skills and overcome severe expressive aphasia, a communication disorder that makes it difficult to speak fluently.

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Ragina Watkins | Traumatic brain injury

Ragina Watkins considers herself lucky to be alive. Involved in motor vehicle accident, she was ejected from her vehicle, sustaining fractures to her collarbone and wrist and a traumatic brain injury.

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